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Dental Fillings

We have a range of treatments on offer which we can discuss!

Some are amalgam, some are ‘white’ for the natural look. The white ones have become more popular because some people feel conscious about their ‘silver’ ones. We can replace old fillings with white ones, and you’ll be amazed at the selection of shades available, and how long the modern materials last!

So what are white fillings? They’re constructed from tiny particles of glass and synthetic resin. Although they used to be considered less durable than the traditional fillings, that’s no longer the case. Before filling a tooth we look at the bigger picture of your oral health, and consider if there are any other options. If a filling is necessary, anaesthesia is used so you’ll be pain-free, and we shape the filling carefully to make it as unobtrusive as possible. Finally we check your bite isn’t altered and make final adjustments if necessary. We can advise you as to which filling will work best for you - that’s what we’re here for!